Akkeron Padel Tennis Rackets

This Spanish brand, located in Madrid, was born thanks to the illusion of a family to reinvent the world of padel. With models of padel rackets that grant the best performance on the court, Akkeron has become a world reference during its long track record on the courts. Whereas all its competitors manufacture their rackets in Asia to reduce costs, Akkeron bets on high-quality Spanish materials. With the best technologies and materials, they pamper their products to the fullest extent, obtaining amazing results and growing as a company by leaps and bounds. Due to this growth in 2015, Akkeron signed up the well-known player of the World Padel Tour Agustín Gómez Silingo (La Bestia), who will wield the model Helios 18 this beginning of the Season. The assurance of quality of Akkeron padel rackets is found in the wide range of models that they have been manufacturing for years. That is the case of the Akkeron Oro, which has different versions within which it includes the gold color. One of the best-selling rackets and a nod to Spanish manufacturing with the Oro España. During 2016, they bet on new models of all ranges, to adapt to the market and consolidate the most loyal players to the Spanish brand. The change within the brand proceeded when they changed the matt models to gloss ones, so that the flats were more resistant, providing an innovative design. In addition, the premium range of Akkeron produced rough models, never seen before in Akkeron. In other models the bridge REVIEW was opened, even placing a diffuser, following the market's demand with up-to-date models.