Adidas Cross It Padel Tennis Racket (2024 Model)

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Adidas Cross IT 2024, more power in the aggressive shots

Designed for professional or advanced padel players , the new Adidas Cross IT is the ideal racket if you are looking to hit with maximum power in attacking plays.

It has an oversize diamond shape with a sweet spot located in the head of the padel racket, which will provide enormous power to make your shots lethal. Its weight ranges between 360 and 375 grams, which favors a light and easy handling.

Optimized flexibility

In terms of its composition, EVA High Memory rubber has been incorporated into the inner core, a high density foam that provides more power in the most intense and fast strokes. A technical level is required to take full advantage of the benefits offered by this type of rubber.

On the other hand, the planes have been manufactured with Carbon Aluminized 15K, braided carbon fiber filaments that increase the strength and flexibility of the padel racket thanks to the aluminized treatment. In high speed strokes the padel racket recovers its original shape with more speed. The frame is made of carbon fiber, a resistant material that improves the durability of the padel racket.

Vulnerable areas with extra reinforcement

In addition, the surface has a 3D embossed roughness thanks to Spin Blade Mold technology, which increases the grip and power of the ball so that it spins faster and with more spin.

The Dynamic Air Flow technology, on the other hand, improves maneuverability by promoting a continuous air flow through the heart of the padel racket. Meanwhile, due to the Power Extra Grip, greater inertia is achieved and the sweet spot is shifted towards the head.

It also incorporates Structural Reinforcement technology which, by means of perimeter reinforcements strategically placed in the padel racket's mold, increases resistance to high torsion.