SIUX Tsunami 5.0 3K Padel Tennis Racket

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One of the best-selling models of the brand arrives with a new face. It is the new Siux Tsunami 5.0 3K, the new edition of the mythical green Tsunami. This polyvalent model is designed to offer the best performance to players up to the advanced or professional level looking for the best balance on the court.

This new padel racket continues with its round shape and medium balance. Thus, it offers superb control and also provides great power. It also includes 3K carbon on the racket faces like its predecessor, to increase power and resistance. However, unlike the Tsunami 4.0 Green, this new version does not incorporate the rough and shiny finish but it is smooth and matte instead.

Its core includes 5-laminations EVA Soft High Recovery rubber, which offers a wonderful recovery speed after hitting. In addition, it helps to absorb the vibrations caused by the impact with the ball. Finally, it incorporates a carbon tubular that provides great resistance and increases the durability of the racket.



Technical characteristics:

  • PLAYER TYPE: advanced-professional
  • PROFILE: 38 mm.
  • SHAPE: round
  • CORE: EVA Soft Rubber 5 Laminations High Recovery
  • FACE: 3K Carbon
  • FRAME: carbon tubular
  • TYPE OF PADEL RACKET: polyvalent
  • BALANCE: medium
  • FINISH: smooth matte