Adidas Metalbone Team 3.3 Padel Tennis Racket (2024 Model)

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Adidas Metalbone Team 3.3 2024, multi-purpose diamond padel racket

Adidas Metalbone Team 3.3, padel racket for high-level players who play frequently. This padel racket from the 2024 collection has an oversize diamond shape with a high sweet spot. Feel more power in your shots. This padel racket is ideal for players with attacking technique. Its weight is between 360-375 grams.

A padel racket that combines a shape with materials that make it a versatile padel racket to play with powerful finishing strokes while controlling each stroke.

Diamond padel racket for attacking players

This diamond padel racket has been made with carbon fiber in the frame to make it resistant. The faces are made with fiberglass for flexibility. The faces allow for a smoother and more controlled reception of the ball.

At the core is a low density EVA rubber. The EVA Soft Performance rubber is soft and cushions every impact while returning with rebound. The shape together with these materials make this padel racket versatile to play with power and light control.

The faces have been designed to better work the effects you give the ball. The dies have been designed with Smart Holes Curve technology and the planes have a rough sandy finish that generates grip applied with Smart Holes Curve technology.

Durable and resistant to heavy use padel racket.

With theOctogonal Structure technology to be able to work with power. The tubular follows an octagonal shape. And together with the Structural Reinforcement technology that reinforces the perimeter of the frame allows you to hit with energy.

This padel racket has an elegant and impressive design with the faces stamped with a geometric pattern on the black background, the frame in red and the bridge and handle in white.