Nox X-One Blue Padel Tennis Racket (2023 Model)

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Ultimate padel racket for all kinds of games. Impressive control and power, the padel racket with the best value for money. Now with HR3 rubber and 3K fiberglass. Perfect for all types of players.


Shape Round
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3
Frame 30% carbon
Face Fibre glass 3K
Control 8/10
Power 8/10

The 3K weave is achieved by interweaving the fibre threads to form small squares. In our case we use a 3K fibre with a higher grammage than normal fibre to attain a more durable product.
Dynamic Composit StructureBy using a greater amount of material from the frame up to four centimeters inside the racket face we minimize the difference in toughness between the frame and the face. Thus, when the ball is hit with the outer areas of the racket we minimize the possible cutting of fibres that could occur when the rubber sinks in.
The core has rubber that is even denser than the HR3. It increases the speed with which the racket core recovers its state prior to striking the ball. This rubber attains maximum power.