Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 Padel Tennis Racket (2022 Model)

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The new collection of padel rackets Drop Shot 2022 goes on sale and does so with an ambitious proposal where an attempt has been made to respond to the wide variety of existing profiles. How? Improving what has been achieved so far, reviewing some models to enhance their performance and, also, launching new products.

Within this bet, the one who has a privileged space is the Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 padel racket. The racket of the professional World Padel Tour player Lucas Campagnolo is, without a doubt, one of the best-selling rackets year after year thanks to high playability, handling and pleasant comfort.

A racket that stays true to his successful DNA. Teardrop format, exceptional sweet spot, medium-high balance shifted towards the upper area of ​​the racket, an outstanding mobility thanks to the heart that it incorporates.

A Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 that has been manufactured taking care of every detail and is committed to a Twin Tubular System frame, Carbon 12,000 and 3D Face faces and an inner core where the Eva Tech rubber with maximum elasticity and control is the one who gives the performance.

A padel racket that, thanks to this composition, has been manufactured to provide the game with high durability, a wide range of motion where versatility and agility stand out, as well as a high impact efficiency.

In addition, the Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 shines for the technological evolutions it incorporates. Smart Holes System, Core Shox on the faces, Power Beam Heart on the heart, Cork Cushion Grip and Silicone Channel for the grip and PU Soft Protector for the upper part of the frame.

A shovel that undergoes a radical aesthetic change and that this 2022 shines for its visual elegance. The golden tones play with the gold and blue details of the faces so that the iridescent look becomes important and allows to play with the light beam.

A Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 that is oriented to a great variety of profiles thanks to its wide versatility in the game where control is the reason for its nature.


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