Drop Shot Yukon Pro 1.0 Padel Tennis Racket (2022 Model)

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The new collection of padel tennis rackets Drop Shot 2022 has been born to grant a wide range of possibilities to all padel players. Power, control, versatility, feeling or lightness, among others, are some of the concepts that represent the different and varied models of this year.

Inside is the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 1.0, a padel racket with a clear offensive cut and that after the success of its first edition, this 2022 model takes an evolutionary and aesthetic leap to be a benchmark in power.

A Yukon Pro 1.0 Drop Shot racket has a teardrop format in its conception, a high balance shifted towards the head of the blade and a striking zone that is more than remarkable given its characteristics. A responsible shovel with control while still being powerful.

With a high-end manufacture, it has Cubicarbon, LCP and 3D Face system on the faces to optimize the hit, a low-density Eva Soft rubber inner core that allows you to feel the hit by lengthening the power curve and a wide range of technological improvements.

Smart Holes System in the hitting zone, Power Beam Heart in the heart, frame with Ergo Pro Protector for friction or fist with Cork Cushion Grip or Silicone Grip Channel are some of its hallmarks.

In addition, for this 2022 the Drop Shot Yukon Pro 1.0 dresses up and on the carbon of its faces it shows off an iridescent look in silver, blue and orange details that contrasts with the white of its structure. A visual wonder.

A padel racket with a clear offensive cut and that, without a doubt, is a benchmark for all power lovers who need to have a weapon of proven performance.


Low Density Eva Soft Rubber